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Completion of 1st BCA-WA-ETHICS Internship at the Regional Research Ethics Committee of Aragon, Spain (CEICA)

15th of June, 2020

Between the 9th and 31st of March 2020, the 1st BCA-WA-ETHICS internship took place at the headquarters of CEICA in Zaragoza, Spain. Four scientists from Senegal, affiliated with the National Research Ethics Committee and the National Department of Pharmacy and Medicine, were selected to partake in an internship aimed at the acquisition of knowledge and skills with regard to the ethical evaluation of clinical trials and socio-epidemiological research protocols from a sex and gender perspective. The interns also had a chance to get acquainted with the standard operating procedures of CEICA, as well as their protocol evaluation tools. Due to the travel restriction imposed for the purpose of decreasing the COVID-19 spread, the interns had to leave Zaragoza before the completion of all the internship activities, therefore, the rest of the internship was conducted virtually via teleconference. The interns shared their experience and lessons learned at CEICA with the attendees of the 1st BCA-WA-ETHICS International Congress through their presentations at the event.

To download the Internship Report, click here. 

Mon, Mar 23
1st International BCA-WA-ETHICS Congress on Gender Mainstreaming in Health Research in West Africa
Mon, Jan 20
Workshop: Gender Mainstreaming in Health Research Evaluation

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