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BCA-WA-ETHICS featured as a highlight in the lastest EDCTP newsletter (October 2020)

10th of November, 2020

In EDCTP's latest publication and update, special focus was given to BCA-WA-ETHICS' effort to mainstream gender in West African National Research Ethics Committees. 

Excerpt from the newsletter

"The project aims to build the capacities of the Senegalese National Research Ethics Committee (SNREC) affiliates in sex- and gender-sensitive protocol evaluation strategies. This is expected to increase and promote the production of science that considers the different needs and experiences of women, men, and gender minorities. 

In addition to SNRECs' strengthening in gender mainstreaming approaches, BCA-WA-ETHICS strives to increase the visibility and representation of West African scientists and women scientists because they face a myriad of challenges that render their progress at the same rate as their male counterparts difficult."


Special mention was also given to BCA-WA-ETHICS' latest initiative #Nurdelsur that aims to showcase and encourage the global appreciation of African women scientists contributions to the sustainable development goals. 


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Mon, Mar 23
1st International BCA-WA-ETHICS Congress on Gender Mainstreaming in Health Research in West Africa
Mon, Jan 20
Workshop: Gender Mainstreaming in Health Research Evaluation

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